Talk to us about your pipe marking requirements. We produce decals in various colors and sizes. We also produce stencils from .030 Mylar plastic and can also supply ink, rollers and pads. We’re also your source for pre-coiled wrap around pipemarkers and High temperature markers that can withstand operating temperatures of up to 260F.

Before computers we had to use woodpeckers to carve out the names. Their beaks wore down a lot, but the real challenge was the spelling.

High Temperature Pipe Marker

  • Meets ANSI A13.1 standards for length, text size and 2007 Color Scheme
  • Arrows included on all markers
  • 360 degree visibility on sizes SMHT-1 through SMHT-4
  • 180 degree visibility on sizes SMHT-5 and SMHT-6 (FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE INDUSTRY)
  • Sizes SMHT-1 through SMHT-4 are precoiled Polyester/Tedlar™ construction with a built in that wants to grab the pipe and stay there.
  • Using only the most durable inks for indoor/outdoor use, these markers, when applied properly using the Tedlar™ TM Hi-temp Strip, will work on hot pipes up to 260 o F.
  • Use especially on pipes that are wet, rusty, dirty or where pressure sensitive labels won't work.
  • Markers resist abrasion, chemicals, high humidity and effects of outdoor weathering
  • Tighten marker around pipe by pulling on the outer flap of the marker. This will tighten the marker TM snugly around the pipe. Then remove liner from clear Tedlar tail and apply. Press strip down securely to fasten.
  • Sizes SMHT-5 and SMHT-6 are sub-surface printed onto 0.100" polyester and top laminated with Tedlar™
  • Markers are designed to be secured to pipe utilizing 0.5” wide stainless steel banding and buckles/wing seals.
  • UV resistant up to 9 years!
Overall Final Outside Diameter (F.D)
*Including Insulation*
Pipemarker Size Color Field Width Character Size
0.5"<=F.D.<=1.25" SMHT-1 8" 0.50"
1.5"<=F.D.<=2.0" SMHT-2 8" 0.75"
2.5"<=F.D.<=6.0" SMHT-3 12" 1.25"
6.0"<=F.D.<=8.0" SMHT-4 12" 1.25"
8.0"<=F.D.<=10.0" SMHT-5 24" 2.50"
F.D.>10.0" SMHT-6 32" 3.50"